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We are designers, developers, strategists, logisticians, buyers, and partners. We are people like you, but above all we are people who are passionate about textiles. We immerse ourselves in your world and translate your values, quality, and Corporate Identity into textiles of all kinds. With our comprehensive service, we reliably take care of your products, from the first conversation to delivery.


Success is always built upon the foundation of a harmonious concept, and that foundation should be established well before any products are developed. From analysing sales and procurement markets to visiting trade fairs and observing fashion trends – there are many important initial steps that come before a product range or its price structure can be established. These steps lead to a concept that fits coherently into your Corporate Identity.


Our experienced designers work together with your graphic designers, product developers, and product managers to ultimately deliver the required functionality and desired aesthetic.

Technical product development

Our daily business is all about fit, size increments, dimension tables, shrinkage values, fastness, and wash tests.


Care labels, designations of origin, zips, buttons, tapes. Whether decorative or export-relevant, we individually develop each element according to your requirements and wishes.


One of our strong points. You can always rely on your own personal contact.


We have a global sourcing network. We offer the most suitable production location depending on your specific requirements in terms of quantities, delivery availability, budget, and quality standards. Of course, we always maintain high social compliance and sustainability standards.

Quality assurance

As a full-service agency, we work together with experienced and certified production companies, whom we trust to reliably maintain our high quality standards. Continuous control mechanisms along the entire development and production chain ensure smooth workflows. During production itself, we follow a policy of continuous internal inspections. Of course, it is also possible to commission additional external inspections.


By request, we can also develop and manufacture packaging and product accessories of all kinds. Regardless of whether it is practical shipping packaging or a sophisticated product package for point of sale displays, we work together with the appropriate specialists and develop your own personal packaging concept.


We provide shipping to any required Incoterms, usually with hassle-free DDP, insured and delivery duty paid. With our logistics partners, we can also meet even the most challenging transport needs.

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