was established in the year 2003 as a textile service agency for the segments merchandising and corporate wear.

texwork covers the textile service, beginning with the conception up to the delivery in consideration of the statutory
obligations and the certified quality standards.

  • development of clothing concepts
  • technical and graphical design creation
  • development of the model from prototype to series production using the latest clothing technologies
  • production planning and scheduling

  • global sourcing considering the country-specific quality standards and certificates
  • logistics from the stockage of the warehouse through the third-party delivery

Customers of the first hour are Porsche AG in the segment of merchandising and the Autostadt Wolfsburg in the segment
corporate wear.

Today above mentioned companies and some more well-known and famous companies of trade and industry belong to our
customer portfolio.

Business executive:
Jörg Wingbermühle

Studies in business administration
Hugo Boss: product management, assistent of creative board
Joop, MAC, Uli Knecht: freelance collection development and sourcing
Esprit, Ratingen: CDO, responsible for all apparel product divisons
under the brand Esprit

texwork GmbH,
12.02.2003, Ratingen
in Bodman-Ludwigshafen/Lake of Constance since 2004